Vehicle Filters

Improve vehicle performance by replacing your filter

Vehicle Filters

Fogarty Tyres & Motor Factors stock a wide range of car filters for all makes and models of cars, vans and 4x4s for clients in Tipperary and the surrounding areas.

A fuel filter prevents dust and rust particles from entering the engine of a vehicle and causing unnecessary wear and tear on components and in systems overall.

Along with a fuel filter, vehicle owners should regularly replace their car air filter, car oil filter as well as the pollen filter which helps to filter any air coming into the interior vents of your vehicle.

Our range of car filters are of the highest quality and help our customers maintain optimum vehicle performance while ensuring they are driving in healthy and safe environments.

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Benefits Of Replacing Your Car Filters

  • Extend engine life

  • Increased fuel efficiency

  • Reduced emissions

Keep your car interior fresh by replacing your pollen filter

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I replace the filters in my vehicle?

    It is recommended to get your filters replaced every 20,000km but always consult your owner's manual for suggested replacement schedules.

  • Are there signs to look for that suggest car filters need to be replaced?

    Sluggish performance, weak acceleration and a noticeable change in the interior air quality are strong indicators that filters may need to be replaced. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.